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Why it’s important we’ve got your most up-to-date contact details


Kayleigh – Telephony Team

Published 09.05.2018

Imagine if we really needed to get in touch with you only to find that the number we’d got was no longer in use, or even missing, and the email address was out of date.

It sounds like such a small thing, but you wouldn’t believe how much it can hold up a case if we haven’t got your most recent contact details.

To help us keep our records up-to-date, we recently sent out an email to all the brokers on our system asking them to check their details. By making sure we’ve got your correct phone number and email address, you can avoid frustrating hold-ups and speed up the application process.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a simple thing, but it can mean the difference between us being able to get in touch with you, or not be being able to contact you and delaying the case.

You might find we need to contact you while we’re processing a case to let you know how it’s progressing or if we need anything further from you. I’ll sometimes get a call from a broker or one of their admin team asking how a case is going, without them being aware we emailed them a couple of days before asking a question or because we needed some more documentation from them. It’s worth keeping an eye on your inbox to make sure you haven’t missed any emails from us.

You can check the details we’ve got for you by clicking here. If you need more information about how to update your contact details in the system, click here.


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