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We reveal the top five Thinking Outside the Blog posts


Alan Cleary - Managing Director

Published 14.09.2018

We’ve been amazed with how popular Thinking Outside the Blog has proved to be since we launched it earlier this year.

Since our first blog in April, more than 3,000 of you have logged on to read the weekly articles which give you an insight into the work of our teams, as well as an understanding of how a specialist lender works and why we sometimes ask for the things we do. We’ve also been honoured to have Danny Belton, from Legal & General Mortgage Club, and Paul McGonigle, from Positive Lending, write guest blogs for us.

I thought I’d take the opportunity in this week’s blog to reveal the five most popular topics we’ve covered over the past few months in case you’ve missed any of them. If you’re new to Thinking Outside the blog, why not read on below and find out why it’s proving so popular with other brokers?

  1. Transferring property to a limited company – we guide you through the transfer process to help you get your cases completed as quickly as possible
  2. How to calculate your Help to Buy customer’s interest repayments – we explain how to calculate your customer’s equity loan repayments to ensure they can afford the product
  3. Confused by gifted deposits? – we show you how we’ve made gifting deposits of up to £50,000 as simple as possible
  4. Improvements to our Standard Declaration Form – we reveal the small but significant changes we’ve made to the form which will help to speed up cases
  5. Why only sending us the information we need can help avoid frustrating delays – we show you the documentation we need to make sure your cases are processed as smoothly as possible

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more exciting blogs, including guest articles, details about product launches and, of course, ways we’re making it as easy as possible for you to place your cases with us.

If you’ve got any suggestions for things you’d like to see covered in future blogs, please let us know by emailing [email protected]


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