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Want to know more about bridging finance? Take a look at our handy A-Z guide


Emily Machin – Head of Specialist Finance

Published 29.10.2021

Following the launch of our new bridging range, we’ve received lots of calls and emails from brokers keen to find out more about how it could help their customers. To try and answer some of your questions, I thought it’d be useful to put together a handy A-Z highlighting some of the key benefits of the new range.


A is for… AVMs.

Our new and improved bridging range now features regulated and non-regulated products with AVMs available up to 60% LTV and with no fee.

B is for… bridging.

Whether your customer is looking to buy a property at auction, wants to break the chain during a house move or needs to make improvements to a dwelling to meet minimum EPC standards, a bridging loan could offer them a flexible solution to their short-term borrowing needs.

C is for… calculator.

Our easy to use bridging calculator gives you an indication of the costs of a bridging loan, including the gross loan amount to be repaid at the end of the term.

D is for… decision in principle (DIP).

We can provide DIPs in as little as two hours, quicker if possible, to help your customer secure the product they need.

E is for… estate team.

Our real estate team are all qualified surveyors which means we’ll rely on their opinion on the valuation of properties that don’t fit an AVM and aren’t within acceptable tolerance limits.

F is for… finance.

We provide regulated finance for customers who want to use their residential property for security or purchase their new residence quickly. Our non-regulated products could be the answer for experienced property investors who want to expand or improve their portfolio.

G is for… guide.

Our latest criteria and products guide tells you everything you need to know about our new range to help you place your cases with confidence.

H is for… Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

If your customer is looking to explore the opportunities offered by an HMO, our new range allows them to make full internal reconfigurations, including conversions to small HMOs with up to six bedrooms.

I is for… intermediary support.

Our specialist finance team is on-hand to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

J is for… joint legal representation.

Our joint legal representation option lets you choose a single legal team to represent both parties, which could help to speed up applications and keep costs under control.

K is for… keeping your customers on the move.

If your customer wants to purchase a new property but is stuck waiting for their current one to sell, bridging finance could help them break the chain.

L is for… loan to value (LTV).

Our new and improved bridging range now features regulated and non-regulated products up to 75% LTV.

M is for… maximum loan size.

There’s now no limit on how much your customers can borrow after we removed the previous £1 million maximum loan amount.

N is for… no fees.

There are no fees to pay for AVMs on our standard bridging cases.

O is for… online criteria guide.

Find the information you need in seconds with our fully searchable online criteria guide, whether you’re viewing it on your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

P is for… Premier Panel.

If you need a little more support with placing your bridging cases, a member of our Premier Panel could help.

Q is for… quick.

We know that a quick resolution is often essential for bridging cases which is why we offer AVMs for standard bridging products up to 60% LTV and with no fee.

R is for… (light) refurbishment.

We’ve made a significant expansion to allowable light refurbishments meaning customers can replace or update building components, including redecorations, kitchens and additional bathrooms, as well as installing new flooring, windows, roof cladding, electrics, heating and plumbing systems, which could be ideal for bringing properties up to the minimum EPC rating.

S is for… security.

We accept collateral security on standard and light refurbishment cases, meaning customers can use other properties to reduce the LTV and pricing.

T is for… types of property.

Our bridging products are suitable for a wide range of property types, from those purchased at auction which are already habitable and don’t need any improvement works to multi-units in buildings of up to 20 storeys.

U is for… uninhabitable.

If your customer is thinking of buying a property which is deemed uninhabitable by long-term lenders, our light refurbishment products could be ideal if building regulations are required, there’s no change to the overall use of the premises and the works are being completed under selected Permitted Development Rights.

V is for… valuation.

We’ll aim to use a desktop valuation for standard bridging cases wherever possible, providing the purchase price/property value does not exceed £1 million, the loan has a gross LTV of 60% or below and the AVM achieves an acceptable confidence level. Plus we don’t charge for AVMs.

W is for… winners.

Our bridging finance offering has won multiple awards since we launched it to market in 2011, including being named Bridging Lender of the Year at the Mortgage Introducer Awards 2020.

X is for… (e)xperts.

Our dedicated team of bridging experts will support you with cases submitted to us directly from application through to completion.

Y is for… yield.

If your landlord is looking to boost their income, our refurbishment buy to let offering could help them improve a property in order to maximise the rental yield..

Z is for… zero fuss.

We always do our best to make sure you can secure one of our bridging products with as little fuss as possible. If you’ve got a question, speak with a member of our sales team or call our dedicated bridging underwriting team on 0800 116 4385.


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