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Solutions, not resolutions

Adrian Moloney

Adrian Moloney - Group Intermediary Director

Published 10.01.2024

New Year’s resolutions – everyone knows what really happens. You say something along the lines of: you’ll eat more healthily, exercise every day, and make sure you get up earlier to eat a hearty breakfast. But let’s be honest, by now we all just want to eat chocolate and watch TV. We all know resolutions are hard to stick with.

That’s why we’re not making resolutions this New Year. Instead, we’re, providing you with tried-and-tested solutions to help you help more of your customers. Why promise to make resolutions when we’re already capable of helping you find the answers you need?

Not sure how we can help you in 2024? Take a look at our six New Year’s solutions below!

  1. Quick answers.
    We pride ourselves on our service. With a decision in principle provided in minutes, you can get answers to your cases quickly and with as little fuss as possible. It’s backed up by our residential cascade process which automatically filters cases through our tiers until an appropriate product is found, without the need to reapply. We’ve also got a national sales team including both office-based and field BDMs, available to answer any questions you may have so that you can always find the answers you need, fast.
  2. Product transfers.
    In case you weren’t aware, we’ve got a wide range of residential and buy to let product transfer options, including products with fees to complement our range of fee free products. This helps us to provide your customers with greater choice and more flexibility so we can support their mortgage needs. Our product transfers are available exclusively through intermediaries and you don’t need to have provided the advice on the original mortgage.
  3. Heavy adverse accepted.
    We want to help you to help your customers, so whether they have multiple CCJs and defaults or an active DMP, we could still find solutions for them. Our wide range of products is designed to support a variety of customers facing different circumstances. We believe that everyone deserves to be considered for a mortgage, so we don’t turn people away just because they don’t have a perfect credit history.
  4. Simple buy to let solutions.
    We’ve simplified our affordability calculations to align the minimum interest cover ratio (ICR) for higher and additional rate taxpayers to 140%. Not only that but our short-term fixed rates and variable rate trackers are now assessed at pay rate plus 1.55% (minimum 5.50%). We’ll also allow top slicing for new purchases to enable landlords to have more flexibility when applying for a buy to let mortgage.
  5. Diverse product offering.
    And it’s not just buy to let and residential cases we could help you with; our bridging finance range could help you diversify the solutions you’re able to offer your customers. Whether it’s making EPC improvements to a buy to let property, buying a property at auction, chain-break finance or similar, we could support your customers in finding quick solutions to speed up the process so that they can get cracking with their plans. Our Tier 2 refurbishment range can also provide options for customers who need to undertake heavier refurbishment such as works that require planning permission or that alter the external footprint or outline of a property.
  6. Energy efficiency support.
    Although the government’s push1 for buy to let properties to have an EPC C+ rating has been scrapped2, the importance of energy efficiency is still increasingly important to reduce our carbon emissions and household bills. That’s why we’ve made sure we can support your customers who’re looking to refurbish a buy to let property that’s either already got an EPC rating of C+ or a property that they want to refurbish to improve its EPC rating so that it becomes C+. Our refurbishment buy to let products are a great way to combine short-term finance with long-term exit strategies that have enabled many landlords to maximise their investments.

As you can see, we’ve been busy in 2023 creating new and more effective ways to help your customers in 2024. Start the year the right way and let us support you with your new cases!

Happy New Year!


1 1. PM speech on Net Zero: 20 September 2023 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

2 2. Fewer homes to rent amid energy confusion, say landlords - BBC News


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