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Meet the team turning DIP declines into accepts


Richard Keen - Sales Support Manager

Published 23.01.2019

Imagine the scenario. You’ve spent time with a customer, building rapport with them and getting to know their case. You know how much they want to borrow and what they want to borrow it for. You submit their DIP application, but are frustrated when it comes back as a decline. You don’t know why the DIP was turned down or where to turn next. Your customer is unhappy and looking to you for a solution.

We know how disappointing it can be to have a case declined, especially when you’ve put in so much work getting it to the DIP stage.

Our Sales Support Team now reviews every Residential and Buy to Let DIP decline on our online system to see if we can identify an opportunity to help. If we can, we’ll contact the submitting broker to discuss the case.

Many declines are down to something as simple as a keying error. The team will talk you through anything that they may have identified to help convert the decline into an accept.

If you’ve had a DIP declined recently, the chances are you’ll already have received a call from us. Our team is dedicated to quickly finding alternative solutions to help you and your customer. We review around 50 cases every day and, in most cases, contact brokers within 15 minutes of a decline.

Remember you can always get an indication of the maximum loan amount your customer could borrow without having to complete a Decision in Principle first by using our Buy to Let and Residential Mortgages calculators.


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