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How to get complex cases to offer quicker


Matt – Underwriting Team

Published 27.06.2018

Since my first blog post at the beginning of April, thanks to your feedback, we’ve made a series of changes that have gone a long way in helping us help you when it comes to enhancing our service.

In a recent meeting my team were talking about feedback they’d received around the way we request additional information and how best to support you in providing this. This conversation led us to discussing how we could make this process simpler for you and your customers, especially where this information is pivotal to us reaching a lending decision.

From this discussion, our brand new Additional Information Form was created. Because we know that not every application is straightforward, this form allows you to tell us additional information at the start of an application. We’d recommend you complete this at the beginning of an application and upload to our system, along with any supporting documentation (remember we also have our Buy to Let and Residential Submission Guides which we designed to help you understand what documentation needs to be submitted at the start of an application).

The benefit of this is that it can help us fully assess cases and reduce the number of times we need to contact you for follow up information, which can help speed up processing.

Here’re some examples of additional information that you could provide to help us process your cases more quickly.

  • Purchase details – what type of purchase is it? Downsizing? Is the customer related to the vendor, for example?
  • Income differences – has their income gone up/down if they’re self-employed and why?
  • Ongoing commitments – does your customer have a student loan? Will they be repaying a Help to Buy shared equity loan?

Providing these additional details really can help us understand a case and stop us having to come back to you to ask questions which inevitably leads to delays.

We’re here to help so if you aren’t sure if information is useful contact our Sales Team or Intermediary Support Team to discuss a case and any additional information we may need.

To download and use the new Additional Information Form click here.


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