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How brokers can access bridging finance


Paul McGonigle - Chief Executive of Positive Lending

Published 15.08.2018

Infuriatingly complicated…too many options…too many lenders.

These are just some of the comments we’ve heard over the last few months from brokers infuriated with the bridging market. And they’re right. Never before has the sector been packed with so many product options. New lenders seem to launch every week with high street, specialist and niche funders all vying for borrowers. It’s no easy task for a broker to keep up-to-date with the latest product options.

But surely lots of products means fantastic borrower choice?

Today’s bridging borrowers are experiencing fantastically low rates, especially under 75% LTV. There are some phenomenal short-term loan options available from established lenders, such as Precise Mortgages. But how do you ensure your customer gets the best outcome?

Get help sifting through short-term solutions.

The savvy broker knows that a specialist distributor, such as Positive Lending, will help them source the best bridging loan outcomes available for their customers. At Positive Lending, we have a dedicated team of bridging specialists who fully understand lender criteria and the products available. They have continuous lender training and work closely with lenders’ underwriters so that they are perfectly placed to source and secure bridging funding.

The big benefits of using a specialist distributor for bridging.

We asked our broker partners about why they used Positive Lending to help them with specialist lending. Here are some of the replies we received:

  • “To gain access to packager exclusive products which can include lower rates, lower fees, free valuations and free legals.”
  • “To gain access to products from ‘packager only’ funders, giving full access to the specialist market.”
  • “The handover of advice (Positive Lending offers a ‘packaged’ or a ‘fully advised’ service) to suit the broker’s needs.”
  • “For market leading products and whole of market choice.”
  • “For speedy payment of commission.”
  • “For support placing unusual and complex enquiries.”

Bridging – your next big love affair?

Bridging loans provide customers with an extremely useful short-term funding solution. If you’re a broker who finds bridging complicated and you would like help understanding the market or sourcing a loan, speak with Positive Lending’s bridging team on 01202 850830 or Precise Mortgages by calling 0800 116 4385. You’ll love the support that’s available.


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