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Get an indication of how much your customer could borrow in seconds with our Residential Mortgages Affordability Calculator


Gareth - Business Development Manager

Published 05.12.2018

The thing I hear the most when I’m talking to brokers about residential mortgages is how useful they’d find it to have an indication of how much their customer could borrow at the very start of the process.

When I fed this back to our head office, it got us thinking about how we could make life easier for you and your customers. I’m proud to say the result of your feedback is our online Residential Mortgages Affordability Calculator which is now live on our website.

In just a few seconds, you can now get an indication of the maximum loan amount without having to complete a Decision in Principle (DIP) first.

You only need to answer a handful of questions – there are only 11 for a typical case, two of which are about rates.

Since its launch, it’s already been used thousands of times by brokers keen to give their customers an early indication.

If you haven’t tried it yet, click here to give it a go.

I should mention that the figure is only an indication of how much your customer could borrow, it is not an agreement to lend. Rest assured, though, you can complete our easy-to-use DIP in as little as eight minutes if you want us to carry out an affordability assessment. It only uses a soft footprint which won’t show on your customer’s credit record and will give you a decision assessed against our lending rules and affordability checks, subject to validation. Our underwriters will complete a full assessment when you submit your application.

If you’d like to find out more about Precise Mortgages and how we can help, speak with a member of our Sales Team or call our dedicated Intermediary Support Team on 0800 116 4385.


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