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Find out how we’ve made applying for one of our mortgages even quicker

Craig Richardson

Craig Richardson - Head of Underwriting Operations

Published 04.02.2022

It’s often said that the best ideas come to us at the most unexpected times.

Legend has it that Isaac Newton came up with the law of gravity after being hit on the head by a falling apple, while Archimedes is meant to have run naked into the street shouting ‘Eureka’ after coming up with his latest discovery while in the bath!

Sometimes the best ideas can also come when we listen to what other people are telling us, and by listening carefully we can see different ways of doing things, helping us to solve problems and identify new opportunities.

So when you told us that your customers often need to secure a buy to let or residential mortgage as quickly as possible, we reviewed our process and thought about ways we could speed things up.

As a result, I’m delighted to announce that, from Monday 7 February, valuations will now be instructed via the system once the application fees have been paid and a case reaches full case submission stage.

It may only sound like a small change, but bringing valuations forward, rather than instructing them after the initial underwrite has been completed, could make a huge difference to you and your customers. This, along with the recent underwriter case ownership model that has been introduced, could lead to:

  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Improved process experience
  • Shorter lead time on issuing the mortgage offer

To help you put together the correct documentation when sending us your cases, we’ve also put together a ‘right first time’ submission guide. Please refer to the guide as it will help reduce the number of items you need to obtain from your customers and send on to us, again speeding up the process and improving the experience.

If you have any questions or need a little more support, speak with a member of our sales team or call our dedicated intermediary support team on 0800 116 4385.

It’s just another reason to make Precise Mortgages your specialist lender of choice. And don’t forget, when you choose us you’ll also benefit from straightforward criteria and clear decision making, delivered by our dedicated teams who are focused on delivering dynamic solutions for you and your customers.

So remember, if you’re looking for the perfect place for your buy to let and residential mortgage applications – we’re on the case!


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