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An A-Z of Precise Mortgages


Jonathan – Creative Communications Manager

Published 10.05.2019

As the UK’s leading specialist lender1, we’re always thinking of ways to help you secure your customer the mortgage or loan they need. Here’s a handy A-Z guide for a quick reminder of how we can help provide solutions for your customers.


A is for…affordability calculators

Our Buy to Let and Residential Mortgages, Bridging Finance, Portfolio and Refurbishment Buy to Let calculators provide you with an indication of how much your customer could borrow in just a few minutes.

B is for…Buy to Let

Our range of Tracker and Fixed rate Buy to Let mortgages offer landlords a variety of solutions, whatever their situation.

C is for…criteria

Our wide range of products means we can consider customers with a less than perfect credit profile, including those with CCJs, defaults, DMPs, and secured and unsecured arrears.

D is for…dedicated support

From our nationwide Sales Team right through to our dedicated processing team, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive the very best service when you place your case with us.

E is for…employment solutions

With more self-employed workers in the UK than ever before, we’ve designed a range of solutions which can help those who work for themselves get the mortgage they want. We also accept workers on zero hours contracts as the second applicant.

F is for…facilitating Bridging Finance

With quick decisions, automated valuation models, joint legal representation and dedicated underwriter support, our Bridging Finance could offer a short-term borrowing solution for customers who need to secure a deal on a fast turnaround.

G is for…government schemes

Our Help to Buy range could be the answer for customers who have a small deposit or a less than perfect credit profile, even if they’ve been declined by a high street lender. We also offer Help to Buy Scotland and Help to Buy Remortgages to help customers make the transition from becoming first time buyers to established homeowners.

H is for… HMO

If your customer is looking for new buy to let opportunities, our HMO and Multi-Unit products could be ideal for personal and limited company landlords.

I is for…Interest Only

Interest Only and Part and Part repayment options are now available across all tiers of our Residential Mortgage range and could help the right customer to lower their monthly outgoings.

J is for…joint ownership

Our bespoke ICRs are designed to take individual tax circumstances into account meaning Tenants in Common customers who decide this is the right option for them could achieve the loan size they want.

K is for…knowledge

Our Marketing team is dedicated to making sure you’re armed with the knowledge you need to place more of your customers’ cases through our regular emails, social media posts, articles in the trade press and weekly blog.

L is for…landlords

Whether they’re a personal landlord, run their buy to let business as a limited company, or want to explore opportunities offered by HMO, holiday let and multi-unit accommodation, we support a wide variety of different landlord types.

M is for…making it easy

We’ve made it easier to submit your customer’s information. We no longer need supporting documentation (such as bank statements and income confirmation) to be certified and don’t need any documentary evidence if we can electronically verify your customer’s residential address history (ID and proof of residency documents still need to be certified individually). We also allow documents to be submitted as photocopies, scanned, photographic and digital images.

N is for…New Build

Our New Build Priority Processing Service is here to help first time buyers and those looking to buy a new build property. The team is dedicated to assessing cases within 48 hours and making an offer within 21 days.

O is for…online criteria guide

Our fully searchable A-Z guide means you’ve got the key information you need to know at your fingertips.

P is for…portfolio landlords

Customers can borrow up to £10m across 20 properties with us (no limit with other lenders), plus our dedicated team will key in their portfolio details for you when you apply for a mortgage, saving you time and effort every step of the way.

Q is for…quality

We’re dedicated to providing customers and brokers with quality products and a quality service.

R is for…Refurbishment Buy to Let

If your customer is buying a property in need of refurbishment with a bridging loan, but would like the peace of mind of an exit onto a buy to let mortgage post works, our Refurbishment Buy to Let range could help.

S is for…Second Charge Loans

If your customer is looking to capital raise by releasing equity from their existing property, our Buy to Let and Residential Second Charge Loans could be ideal. They can be arranged quickly and used for any purpose, without affecting their existing mortgages.

T is for…top slicing

Our top slicing feature enables personal, limited company, portfolio, HMO, and holiday let and student let landlords to use their earned income to top up any rental shortfall. What’s more, they can now use top slicing across our range of 2 year Fixed rate buy to let mortgages, helping them to achieve greater flexibility around product choice and loan size.

U is for…underwriting

Our friendly and experienced underwriting team is on-hand to help you get the product your customer wants as quickly and easily as possible.

V is for… valuation

Refund of valuation fee options available on Residential and Buy to Let Mortgages.

W is for…why wait?

We’ve worked hard to make sure we answer your call as quickly as possible and are proud that, in the past year, we’ve answered more than 84% of your calls within 20 seconds.

X is for…(e)Xcellent turnaround times

Enjoy DIP decisions in minutes 24/7 and speedy completions to help you secure your customer the product they want.

Y is for…you

We know there are a lot of other lenders to choose from, so we really appreciate you placing your business with us. Your support and feedback over the last 12 months has helped us to develop new products, launch a host of new improvements and make the service we provide even better.

Z is for…zero fuss

We always do our best to make sure you can secure one of our products with as little fuss as possible. If you’ve got a question or need some support, speak with a member of our Sales Team or call a friendly member of our dedicated team on 0800 116 4385 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Source: 1 BVA BDRC Project Mercury Report Q4 2018


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