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An A-Z of Buy to Let Mortgages


Rory Cleary – Business Development Manager

Published 10.10.2019

As the UK’s leading specialist lender1, we’re always thinking of ways to help you secure your customer the Buy to Let Mortgage they need. This handy A-Z guide shows some of the ways we make applying for one of our mortgages as quick and easy as possible.


A is for… award-winning

Our award-winning buy to let proposition includes a wide range of Fixed Rate products offering customers a variety of solutions, whether they’re a personal, portfolio, limited company, HMO or first time landlord.

B is for… Buy to Let Calculator.

Our easy-to-use online calculator gives an indication of how much your customer could borrow in just a few minutes. Click here to find out more.

C is for… credit profiles.

We’ll consider customers with less than perfect credit histories, including those with CCJs, defaults, DMPs, missed mortgage/secured payments and unsecured arrears.

D is for… documentation.

We no longer need supporting documentation to be certified and don’t need any documentary evidence if we can electronically verify your customer’s residential address history. We also allow documents to be submitted as photocopies, scanned, photographic and digital images.

E is for… eighty.

We’ll accept applications from customers aged up to 80 with a maximum term of 35 years (minimum age 21).

F is for… first time buyers/landlords.

We accept applications from first time buyers (buyers who haven’t owned a property in the last 18 months) and first time landlords (buyers who own their own property but have never owned and let a rental property).

G is for… guides.

Our Buy to Let Product Guide gives you the information you need to help you place your cases with confidence. Click here to view the guide.

H is for… HMO.

If your customer is looking for new buy to let opportunities, our HMO and multi-unit products could be ideal for personal and limited company landlords. Click here to view the guide.

I is for… ICR.

Our bespoke ICRs reflect your customer’s tax position more accurately and could help them get the Buy to Let Mortgage they want.

J is for… joint borrowers.

Whether your customers are joint tenants or tenants in common, our Buy to Let Calculator is designed to take individual tax circumstances into account, helping them to achieve the loan size they want.

K is for… knowledge.

Our regular emails, social media posts, articles in the trade press and weekly blogs help ensure you’re armed with the knowledge you need to place more of your customers’ cases.

L is for… limited company.

With more than half of landlords saying they intend to purchase their next buy to let property within a limited company structure2, we’ve designed a range of mortgages to help them develop their property portfolio.

M is for… multi-units.

We now accept applications for multi-unit properties of up to six self-contained units under a single freehold.

N is for… near prime range.

Our near prime range of products could be suitable for customers with less than perfect credit profiles, including secured and unsecured arrears, CCJs and defaults.

O is for… online criteria guide.

Our fully searchable A-Z guide means you’ve got the key information you need to know at your fingertips. Click here to view the guide.

P is for… portfolio landlords.

We’ve streamlined our process to make it even easier for you to submit your customers’ applications and our dedicated team will do the heavy lifting by keying in the information for you.

Q is for… quality.

We’re dedicated to providing customers and brokers with quality products and a quality service.

R is for… enhanced Refurbishment Buy to Let.

We now accept works being completed under permitted development rights to enable landlords to change the use of a property from a C3 dwelling house to a C4 HMO for up to six bedrooms, provided there are no structural alterations or changes to the footprint of the property.

S is for… Sales Team search function.

Our new easy-to-use search function lets you quickly identify the member of our Sales Team best placed to help you with your Buy to Let queries. Click here to find out who your nearest Sales Team member is.

T is for… top slicing.

Our enhanced top slicing offering means all eligible personal ownership, limited company, portfolio, HMO, and holiday and student let landlords can now use surplus portfolio or earned disposable income to prove they can meet any financial stresses on a new loan application, rather than through the rental income of the property alone.

U is for… underserved customers.

We’re here to help customers struggling to get the Buy to Let Mortgage they need with high street lenders, even those with less than perfect credit histories.

V is for… value.

We’ve lowered our minimum loan size to £40,000 to help more of your customers purchase the property they want. Our maximum loan size is £3 million.

W is for… waiting times.

We’ve worked hard to make sure we answer your call as quickly as possible and are proud that, in the past year, we’ve answered more than 84% of your calls within 20 seconds.

X is for… (e)Xcellent turnaround times.

Enjoy DIP decisions in minutes 24/7 and speedy completions to help you secure your customer the product they want as quickly as possible.

Y is for… your number one specialist lender.

Click here to find out why we’re the specialist lenders brokers are most likely to recommend.

Z is for… zero hours.

We now accept zero hour contracts on secondary applicants.

1 BVA BDRC Project Mercury Report Q2 2019
2 BVA BDRC Landlords Panel Report Q2 2019


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