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An A-Z of Bridging Finance


Dan Watson – Specialist Distribution Manager

Published 14.02.2020

As one of the UK’s leading specialist lenders, we’re always thinking of ways to help you secure the short-term finance your customer needs. Here’s a handy A-Z guide of how we can help.


A is for… auction

If your customer is looking to snap up a property at auction that’s below market value and in need of work for it to be acceptable for mortgage purposes, our Bridging Finance could be ideal.

B is for… building regulations.

We now accept projects requiring building regulations on our Light Refurbishment range of Bridging Finance products.

C is for… chain break.

Bridging Finance can give your customer the freedom to purchase a new property without having to depend on the rest of their chain completing first.

D is for… DIPs.

Enjoy DIP decisions in just two hours to help secure your customer the product they need.

E is for… Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Bridging Finance could help landlords to purchase a new boiler or double glazing to bring a property up to the minimum ‘E’ EPC rating.

F is for… flats and maisonettes.

We accept applications for flats and maisonettes in blocks of up to 20 storeys.

G is for… guide.

Our Complete Criteria and Products Guide gives you the information you need to help you place your cases with confidence.

H is for… heavy refurbishment (also see light refurbishment).

We accept applications for projects where planning permission is required or there is a change in the overall use/nature of the premises, for example extensions, basement digs, loft conversions, etc.

I is for… intermediary support.

Our team of expert underwriters is here to support you in placing your case every step of the way, from DIP to completion.

J is for… joint legal representation.

If you’re looking to speed up applications and reduce costs, our joint legal representation option allows you to select one legal team to represent both parties.

K is for… knowledge.

Our regular emails, social media posts, articles in the trade press and weekly blogs make sure you’re armed with the knowledge you need to place more of your customers’ cases.

L is for… light refurbishment (also see heavy refurbishment).

We accept applications for projects where building regulations are required or where there is no change to the overall use/nature of the premises, for example redecorating or installing a new kitchen or bathroom.

M is for… maximum LTV.

Our maximum LTV is 75% for Regulated and Non-Regulated Light Refurbishment and Standard Bridging Finance.

N is for… non-regulated Bridging Finance.

As well as Regulated Bridging Finance, our Non-Regulated Bridging Finance products offer borrowing solutions for property investors looking to buy at auction, expand their portfolio, or carry out refurbishments or renovations to an existing buy to let property.

O is for… online criteria guide.

Our easy-to-use fully searchable A-Z criteria guide means you’ve got the key information you need to know at your fingertips, whether you’re viewing it on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

P is for… permitted development rights.

We’ve streamlined our process to make it even easier for you to submit your customers’ applications and our dedicated team will do the heavy lifting by keying in the information for you.

Q is for… quality.

We’re dedicated to providing customers and brokers with quality products and a quality service.

R is for… Refurbishment Buy to Let.

Our proposition is designed to help landlords refurbish a property before renting it out by bringing together the flexibility of Bridging Finance with the surety of an exit onto a Buy to Let Mortgage provided the work has been completed to an expected valuation.

S is for… submission routes.

Our choice of submission routes allows you to place a case with us directly or with our Premier Panel if you need a little more assistance.

T is for… term length.

We allow up to six months for Refurbishment Buy to Let, up to 12 months for Regulated Bridging Finance and up to 18 months for Non-Regulated Bridging Finance.

U is for… underwriting.

Our friendly and experienced underwriting team is on-hand to help you get the product your customer needs as easily as possible.

V is for… valuation models (AVMs).

Our AVMs for standard Bridging Finance products are available from just £99 and provide fast, accurate results.

W is for… winning.

Our multi-award-winning Bridging Finance offering is supported by a knowledgeable team experienced in handling even the most complicated cases.

X is for… e(x)cellent turnaround times.

We’ll do our best to ensure your customer gets the product they need as quickly as possible.

Y is for… years.

We can assist with lending on leasehold properties with short lease terms (i.e. less than 70 years), to raise capital to extend the term of the lease.

Z is for… zero facility fees.

No facility fees to pay on selected standard, light refurbishment and heavy refurbishment Bridging Finance products.


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