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4 easy ways to boost your turnaround times


Lisa, Head of Long Term Lending

Published 11.07.2019

Your customer wants their case processed as quickly as possible, you want your customer’s case processed as quickly as possible and we want to process your customer’s case as quickly as possible. So it can be frustrating if it’s held up due to some missing or incorrect information.

Here are four easy way you can boost your turnaround times.

1. Check our submission guides before you submit your case

Before you submit your case, take a look at our handy Buy to Let Mortgages and Residential Mortgages submission guides. They highlight what you’ll need from your customer right from the very start and could prevent you from having to go back to them for more information further down the line.

2. Make sure the information is keyed correctly

It sounds simple enough, but we’re seeing an increased number of cases where information, such as dates of birth, full names and addresses, is being keyed incorrectly. This can cause problems once an application has been submitted, including score reductions and additional credit profile searches.

Spending just a couple of minutes to make sure you’ve input all of your customer’s details correctly before submitting their application could save you valuable time later on.

3. Upload all documents at the same time

We’re seeing lots of cases where only one document at a time is uploaded, even though information we’ve requested remains outstanding. This means we could have to underwrite a case multiple times, resulting in delays which can easily be avoided.

4. Pay close attention to bank statements

It can be really frustrating for you and your customer if we have to return their bank statements because they’re not consecutive, have insufficient or missing key information, or pose more questions than answers.

Click here for a handy guide outlining the 10 most common reasons we have to request additional information or more statements.

To find out more about how you can speed up your applications, speak with our Sales Team or call our dedicated support team on 0800 116 4385.


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