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On Second Thoughts: TV channels

11 May 2016

Simon Carr, Sales Development Director

I may be showing my age a little, but do you remember that festive time of year when your parents would rush around getting those last-minute items ready for the holiday period?

I imagine many of you will recall a mandatory item on the shopping list being a Christmas issue of the Radio Times or TV Times. You would open up the pages in sheer excitement and gasp at the vast array of TV programmes on offer. You simply could not believe the choice on offer from three channels. Then, in 1982, we were dazzled by a new station called Channel 4.WOW – what choice.

In 1989, Sky launched and we saw Penny Smith grace our screens alongside Alistair Yates on Sunday 5th February. This must have sent the fear of god down the corridors of the “Corporation”. This revolution paved the way for the number of channels to exceed 600, not to mention radio and premium channels.

Nowadays, it feels like the wide choice available to us makes our decisions harder. It makes us procrastinate, scared to make a decision... Just pick a bloody programme and pick it quickly! But no – we carry on scrolling through the endless lists of channels; even looking forward to future events we can watch. The advent of the multi-channel TV with Catch Up, On Demand and all the other good stuff, makes travelling forwards and backwards possible. Apparently you can now even pause live TV – that's amazing! Absolutely mind–boggling. Whatever next... Time travel? Now that would make a good programme. You even have the choice to view either in bog-standard definition or HD, not to mention viewing your programme on one of the multitude of ‘plus 1’ channels.

With more channels than ever before, you could argue we are spoilt for choice. Choice can, very often, be overwhelming. Too many options leave you undecided. Conversely, too few options restrict opportunity.

Now then… I'm not sure if this message will be clear enough or whether you'll be tuned in to this station I am broadcasting from, so I’ve included a subtitled version too.

We previously offered access to our second charge loan products via our Preferred Panel of Master Brokers, but you wanted more. You wanted a choice and quite frankly didn't like us pushing you down one route over another. You wanted to decide for yourself. So here's what we have done.

Don't worry! We haven't added another 600 new options; we have simply given you the option on how to do business with us. Pick a member of our Preferred Master Broker Panel – there are 16 in total (you'll be familiar with all of them and you won't be surprised by the selection on offer – they are experts in their field). What you also wanted, in fact, demanded (call it our version of ‘On Demand’) is direct access to our products, too.

I guess choice still plays a huge part in selection. You want to be able to make your own mind up on whom to use, when to use and for what type of business. You wanted a choice of Master Brokers (premier channels) as well as submitting a case to us direct.

Access to our products comes as no surprise to the forward-thinking Preferred Master Broker or Mortgage Intermediary. The perception of poor-quality products is now a thing of the past, a bit like the first airing of a new TV station. You are now viewing second charge loans in full Technicolor 4KHD.

For intermediary use only
BBR 0.50% / 3 month LIBOR 0.61%

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